Angel Children

Original doll,s dolls by Ethel Hicks

An online doll botique
New dolls will be posted as they are finished.

Mini Dolls

My miniature dolls are created to be toys for the children that live in the 1"=1' dollhouse. Some of the smaller ones fit nicely into smaller scales. They are also collectibles in their own right.

Payment &Shipping

I prefer pay pal payments. If you would rather use a credit card number, just call me with the number. I can than process your payment. I normally ship USPS. First Class Shipping is $5.00. Priority mail is $10.00, Shipping to Europe is $20.00 for 2 or 3 dolls. For Larger shipments the cost will be exactly what the post office charges.

Shop & Gallery

The Shop contains dolls I have for sale right now. Once a doll is sold it is no longer available. I am sorry I cannot make duplicates or take special orders.