Angel Children
original miniature toy dolls
by Ethel Hicks

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Individual Dolls

You are buying the doll you see. I only post dolls I have already made. You are seeing the doll you will be purchasing. Duplicates are not available. I normally ship within 48 hours or less.

Angel Children are my Original Porcelain Dolls. 

They are made from my own sculptures and molds. After the molds are poured in porcelain, sanded and fired.
Their tiny faces are china painted and than are refired in the kiln.
They are made to be toys for the children who live in the dollhouse. They are made in 1'=1" scale, although some are appropriate for smaller scales.
The dolls are fine little collectibles in their own right.
As I am now partially retired, I am only selling dolls that are finished and ready to ship.
Each doll is an individual and sold as such. Variations will abound and once gone she will not be made
exactly the same again.